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What if a simple, new technology could enable us to profoundly affect Amazon, compelling it to treat workers, communities, suppliers and the planet as well as it does customers? Would you want to be part of that?

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Would you quit Amazon if 1 million other people did, too?

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Indeed, Amazon’s dominance has come at the expense of its workers and its host towns, small retailers, suppliers, communities of color, middle-income jobs, the environment and an open society. And yet, few governments have intervened, workers lack collective power, the Board moves in lockstep with CEO/Founder Jeff Bezos, and, increasingly, most competitors are powerless to stop the company’s relentless advance. Amazon's approach to the pandemic has only worsened existing problems. That leaves us, the customers, as perhaps the only force that can now compel Amazon to become good.How many Amazon, Whole Foods and Prime customers have to quit before Amazon says “uncle?” We aim to find out.

If you and 999,999 other patrons quit all at once, that represents around $1 billion in lost revenue, per year. Amazon will notice, the media will notice and the world will notice. The pressure to change will be extraordinary—especially because there’s no reason for us to stop at one million.


Boycotts traditionally target a corporation with a single request. This is different. We are asking Amazon to take a deeper look at a wide range of practices that call into question the company’s fitness to be in the center of our lives and communities.We are asking for a soul-searching reckoning by the Board and executives. We are asking Jeff Bezos to prove that he is, in his words, “a missionary rather than a mercenary” and that his empire deserves our patronage.

Jeff, we want Amazon to:


Aug 9, 2020 @ 3:12 PM PST

Threshold team creating killer app for the election

We put this campaign on autopilot a little while ago so our small team could devote all of our energies to the election app we're building. You can still pledge here, and we hope you do. Our numbers are building, and the voting app will help them build even faster. The app, called Landslide, is a critical component of the 3-part activism tech ecosystem that we've long envisioned. Landslide brings social support, accountability and metrics to your civic participation. It enables you to invite a small crew of friends to work together on something you believe in, and nudge one another to stay on track. After the elections, you'll be able to use it for the Amazon campaign, enabling you to recruit buddies to join you and instantly see how many people they've recruited and they've recruited, etc. It will also make our threat to quit more real: you're not just pledging to Threshold and Amazon that you'll quit once we reach the goal — you'll also be making a pact with your friends. In the meantime, if you'd like to help create a blue demolition gang that moves state-to-state in November, and watch it happen in real time,check out Landslide here.

Sep 11, 2019 @ 2:17 PM PST

Updated demands and alternatives

NRA-TV closed down so we removed our demand that Amazon stop platforming it. New research has uncovered more ways that Amazon is Big Brothering up, and we're now specifically calling out the cozy and secretive relationships between the surveillance doorbell Ring and police departments around the country. In response to dozens of thoughtful recommendations from supporters, we've updated and added many new listings to the Amazon Alternatives page. Perhaps our favorite new discovery is Libro.fm, an audiobook service that splits profits with your favorite local bookseller.

May 9, 2019 @ 7:18 PM PST

Added option for businesses to pledge

We're sitting at 113 pledges, celebrating hitting our first goal at the end of week one. We're still holding the reins pretty close and haven't shared the campaign widely yet. Several people have asked us if they could get more "credit" for pledging a business account that spends more than average households do. The answer is yes. For now the process is manual (check out the FAQ) but will soon be integrated. Thanks for all the early support!


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